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How To Make Antelope Sausage Breakfast Scramble

Posted by Dave Allee on

Here is a recipe for the perfect breakfast: Antelope Breakfast Sausage + Veggie + Avocado + Egg Scramble (with a side of Sourdough Toast). This is a meal that I believe everyone should experience in their lifetime, but I am going to assume many of you do not have any Pronghorn Antelope breakfast sausage laying around in your freezer.  First we must address the issue of acquiring Antelope breakfast sausage. Buying and selling wild-harvested game meat is illegal in the United States.  This was instituted over a century ago, to end market hunters from slaughtering herds of game for meat to sell to the nearest town.  If you have ever been to a restaurant and ordered an Elk Burger or Venison Chili,...

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