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Quail Club

Quail Club is an excuse to get together once a month to share a potluck dinner of primarily wild-caught fish, wild-harvested game, and all accoutrements that make it a complete meal. The dinner happens each month in Costa Mesa, and is invite-only, so get on the email list and join us for a casual gathering of outdoor loving city-dwellers.

If you have an interest in any of the following, you're going to like it:

  • Wild Fish & Wild Game  🎣🐗
  • Truly Wild Places 🏕
  • Encouraging each other to get out and do more of the things we love 🏹
  • Learning from—and contributing to—the collective experience and knowledge of the group 🎯


If you are interested in joining Quail Club, shoot us an email.  If you are interested in starting a Wild Fish and Wild Game Dinner in your town, we definitely want to hear from you—it's an open playbook.  We have each benefited so greatly from doing it, and are happy to help point you in the right direction to do the same in your hometown.