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Back-Country .22
Conversion Kit (Brass)

Back-Country .22
Conversion Kit (Brass)

$ 125.00


Think of this as the grown-man's BB Gun.  We designed and built this stock as a conversion kit to create a backpack-friendly survival rifle out of a Youth .22.  

Made of Solid Walnut and Brass, this conversion kit will have you ready to practice your marksmanship on dove, quail, rabbits and other small game in the back-country.
(In accordance with all applicable game laws)

Available for either: Savage Arms Rascal or Crickett .22LR Rifle

The brass portion is designed to be unthreaded, by hand, from the stock and threaded into the fore-end, reducing the overall length to 21" for packing and stowing. When fully assembled, the rifle has a length of 38".

***Rifle Action and Barrel not included. You will have to buy the Rascal or Crickett .22LR from an authorized dealer, which you can conveniently find using these links:
Savage Arms DealersCricket Rifle Dealers.

- Made in USA
- Walnut + Brass Construction
- Action + Barrel sold separately, via authorized dealers