A community of folks pursuing deeper relationships with the natural world and richer conversations around the table.

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Incredible wild food, delivered 4 times a year.

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Deeper relationships with the natural world, richer conversations around the table.

The Windward-Westward

Wild Fish & Wild Game Club

Who Are We?

We're a community of hunters, fishermen, foragers, divers, home-cooks, gardeners, and more.

Four times a year, we gather around a shared table (or hot grill) and enjoy a bounty of food each person has worked hard to procure & prepare.

It's a simple concept with profound implications.

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Why A Subscription Box?

We believe the very best food comes from untamed places.

As an extension of our quarterly dinners, we created the Wild Harvest Box a seasonal delivery of some of our favorite wild-sourced ingredients, delivered to your door.

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