Donald M. Jones

Posted by Dave Allee on

Donald M Jones is one of my all-time favorite photographers.  I first became aware of his work in the pages (usually the cover) of Sports Afield, and have admired his photography for the last several years.  He lives in Troy, Montana, and specializes in photographing wild species and wild places.  Mr. Jones has a unique ability to bring wildlife and stunning landscapes together into crisp, clear view.  As close as you may get to these magnificent animals in the wild, Donald seems to bring them even closer.  Thank you for braving the elements to bring images like this to those of us confined to more insulated environments.  Sporting photographers like Mr. Jones have so many variables to align in order to produce images like these.  You don't get photos like this shooting out of the car window at Yellowstone (at least I don't).  Below are an assortment of images of a few of the Symbols of the West: Mule Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Bighorn Sheep, and Bison.  (All images respectfully borrowed from Donald M. Jones). 

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