As Easy As Conservation Will Ever Be...

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Our motto around here is "Conservation Hinges on Participation" because we truly believe that actively engaged folks who are participating in the natural world are the ones who will ensure its ongoing flourishing.

Today, I want to draw attention to an important organization...

There is a group called Howl for Wildlife that sounds the alarm when proposed legislation attempts to undermine the science of the North American Conservation Model.

Meaning... when a state like Washington wants to make a ballot box decision to ban any and all bear hunting (because citizens find the idea of hunting bears distasteful) Howl for Wildlife will come to the support of the wildlife management agency and say:

"Wait just a minute, there are a large number of folks (both in and out of Washington state) who want to see wildlife management decisions remain in the hands of the professionals, not the ballot box."

How do they do it?

By creating a 2-click process for you to submit a letter to the appropriate elected official, stating your support of science-based conservation.

The Washington bear issue is no hypothetical, Howl for Wildlife sent an email this morning about this very issue.

The folks at Howl have literally done all the work for concerned sportsmen and women who want to speak up... they have written 60 versions of an email to the Washington Fish and Game Commission that you can send with literally seconds of time—all you have to do is sign your name and click "submit".  It takes less time than refreshing instagram, and it ensures that the game commission hears from concerned citizens on both sides of these hot-button wildlife issues.

If you want hunting and fishing regulations to stay in the hands of biologists and those most dedicated to the longevity of our precious resources, let your voice be heard.

Add your Howl.

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