August 2019 Quail Club (Costa Mesa)

Posted by Dave Allee on

The wide variety of dishes and impeccable execution made last night's Quail Club gathering another new bar-raising feast.

Off the top of my head, we were privileged to:

  • Smoked Yellowtail Collars
  • Venison Heart
  • 6.5 hr Smoked Pork Shoulder (pulled for tacos)
  • Bourbon Rub Tri-Tip
  • Homemade Tuna Poke
  • Steven Rinella's Coleslaw
  • A stack of fresh tortillas that was taller than a 1990's phonebook
  • A Yellowtail/Brussells Sprout/Potato Medley that has me inspired to try to copy it sooner rather than later.

All of this was the result of the generosity and hard work of you guys—the members that make this club possible.  

Sharing a meal that is primarily centered around wild fish and wild game is simply a venue for the friendships, knowledge, and trip-planning that really makes this gathering so valuable. 

Many of you guys have already gone out fishing and spearfishing together because of relationships formed at Quail Club.  As we head toward Fall, there are already discussions around Dove Hunting, Duck Hunting, and more.

Speaking of Ducks, last night we watched Hunt 41 Episode 2: California.  Our own Luke Clark was one of the cinematographers on that project, so it was great to watch the full 26 minute episode on the projector and hear directly from Luke about the experience. 

Thank you, as always, for making this gathering possible.  We also want to thank lululemon for providing a couple pairs of ABC Pants as giveaways for the raffle tonight.  Although not specifically designed for it, they make incredible hiking/hunting pants.  

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