Before the Storm: March 9, 2020

Posted by Dave Allee on

March 9, 2020 we held a Wild Fish and Wild Game Dinner, pretty oblivious to all the changes that were to hit life-as-we-know-it over the next 72 hours. 

That night, the NBA was still playing to arenas filled with fans, restaurants were still operating, and we were gathering as a group of friends to share a meal of Wild Fish and Wild Game—just as we had each month for the better part of the previous year.

In a serendipitous turn of events, Mike Borchard had asked if he could take portraits of the club that night—to capture a moment in time and a moment in the evolution of our club.  Until we are able to gather again, this contact sheet of portraits is a nice reminder of what happens when we get together with shared interests and shared desire to have a more connected relationship with our food.

Not being able to gather for an undetermined amount of time serves as a reminder of what a gift it is to do life in community.  Hunting and fishing can be very individualistic pursuits—both in that the activity itself can be done solo, but also in the "I can provide for myself, I don't need to rely on anyone else" mindset that it instills in us when we harvest.  The ability to put food on the table through the cunning work of your two hands is a priceless gift—but so is sharing it with friends.

Until we gather again...! Photos: Mike Borchard

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