We Are Bribing You to Buy Your Hunting and Fishing License!

Posted by Dave Allee on

...we are raffling off prize packs as a reminder to do so!

State wildlife agencies (Fish & Game, Parks & Wildlife, or Natural Resources depending on your home state) work to preserve, perpetuate, and responsibly manage the wildlife in your state—and all those states you love to visit.

Have you bought your hunting and fishing license yet this year?

Send us your receipt for your hunting and/or fishing license (any proof of purchase will do) and we will enter your name in the hat to win a prize pack of Windward-Westward gear worth $250.

Email your proof of hunting or fishing license to info@windward-westward.com before May 14, 2021.  On May 15, we will draw names for the winners.

Category #1 - Open to All
Any hunting or fishing license purchase dated 2021.  Email proof of purchase to info@windward-westward.com to be entered to win.

Raffle winner announced May 15, 2021

Category #2 - Just Passed Hunter's Education

Exclusive to folks who passed their Hunter's Education course between May 1 2020 and April 30 2021—and bought their first hunting license.

This is to reward the new faces in the field who completed their hunter education training this past year.

Raffle winner announced May 15, 2021

Why are we doing this?
Because we support science-based, boots-on-the-ground conservation practices carried out by State Fish & Game agencies. 

It's our opinion that wildlife policy should be decided by the career biologists, with input from their constituents.  Ballot-initiatives that allow the uninformed public to vote to make critical management decisions tie the hands of the people whose job it is to hold all these things in a delicate balance.


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