Customer-Driven Innovation

Posted by Dave Allee on

In 2017, you have more power to influence your favorite brands and businesses than you might realize.

Buying habits are always changing.  This is something brands have been trying to keep up with (or if they are wise, get ahead of) since the beginning of time.

With our heavy dependency on the internet, we miss out on the face-to-face small talk with the local shopkeep. However, what the internet does allow, is for brands to reach large majorities of their fans and customers with relative ease.  This makes the lines of communication between businesses and customers even more profound.

KUIU founder, Jason Hairston, has built his business on the premise of industry-leading innovation and performance.  Product Development of this level is hard to access for small brands, and has usually taken place in R&D labs, behind closed doors.  In an outward facing move, Hairston launched GIRU, to invite customers to participate in the product development cycle.

One of the current projects that is live on the site, for your viewing, customizing, and pre-ordering pleasure is a new Civilware x Vans Desert Chukka Boot

You can give your input to decide how this product comes together, before it goes to market.  Have a look and build your ideal Chukka Boot.  Personally, I'm intrigued by the Ballistic Nylon version.

This extends well beyond the realm of crowd-funding, programs like GIRU create a more productive and intimate relationship between businesses and their customers, ensuring that brands deliver the products their consumers want, and need.

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