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The Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains are a wild place—not the typical image of California that first comes to mind. They are rugged, exposed, epically dramatic.  For those who are able to look past the allure (and crowds) of the Yosemite Valley, to the range that surrounds it, there is much beauty to behold.  Bordered by Highway 395, there are endless possibilities in The Sierra from Lone Pine to Bridgeport—a region that brings life, wilderness, and opportunity for adventure, to those who travel its way.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Seth Blackamore and got to hear about his own adventure in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. Seth is a fly-fisherman, former-college professor, current high school football coach, and inspirational speaker, who recently co-wrote Fishin' Trails 2.

In order to prepare for this book—and because he's a passionate back-country fly fisherman—Seth hiked for a full fishing season to remote lakes across over 350 miles—studying, researching and fishing 25 different lakes.  Fishin' Trails 2 focuses on the backcountry fly fishing opportunities in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas.  The wealth of knowledge and information presented in the book is truly inspirational.  

Sitting down with Seth was quite inspiring - friendly, stoked, and knowledgeable. Seth, a native Southern Californian himself, who learned to fly-fish from a young age, is as stoked on fishing as anyone you're likely to meet.

Seth grew up as the only fly-fisherman in his group of friends. While he was a promised athlete, who even went to college on a football scholarship, after a few injuries, he hung up the cleats and moved back West, from Tennessee to Bishop, CA in search of a new adventure.

After a couple years of fishing on his own, Jared Smith, Author of Fishin' Trails, noticed Seth’s passion, care for, and knowledge of these lakes in the Sierra Nevada—Jared knew Seth would be a perfect partner in his second book. In Fishing Trails 2, Seth was given the opportunity to focus on bringing a fly fisherman’s approach to Jared Smith’s own fishing experience, and expand the subjects they were able to write about.

Together Jared and Seth were able to cover 25 new lakes. In their combined effort, they go into greater detail on fishing technique, local knowledge and etiquette that every fisherman needs to know. It is obvious that their passion for fishing is only matched by their desire to help get other people outside.

If you plan to fish this region of the world, Fishin' Trails 2 is the resource you need to have in your library. This book will inspire adventure and even teach you a thing or two. FT2 is filled with in-depth instruction, key tips about many different destinations, and stories of solid fishing adventures. This book will be your trusted friend, perfect resource. Seth consistently communicates technique, advice and wisdom for all skill levels.

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