Is Meat Raised on the Pasture Better for You?

Posted by Dave Allee on

I'm shamelessly borrowing this from our sourcing partners at Wild Idea Buffalo Co., because I don't think they will mind getting this message out to more folks...

Buffalo—when produced the way [Wild Idea Buffalo Company] does it— is lower in calories and saturated fat and higher in protein and vitamins than from feedlot animals. And because our buffalo are never carted to a slaughterhouse, they’re spared the stress-induced flood of cortisol, resulting in a more tender, flavorful meat for your table.

Our buffalo live as closely as possible to how nature intended, without hormones or antibiotics, which means you don’t get any of that stuff from our meat. And because our buffalo spend their entire lives feeding on native vegetation in large pastures, they never eat corn or soybeans—two crops largely responsible for the plow-up of the Great Plains grasslands so critical for carbon sequestration.

Grass-fed, grass-finished buffalo meat is full of phytochemicals that deliver huge health benefits, from cardiac-supportive to anticancer properties. Studies show that these molecules just don’t occur in the same concentrations in meat and milk from animals finished on grain.

This is, in part, why we are such big advocates for eating Bison raised in free roaming conditions. And why you will routinely find Wild Idea meat in our seasonal Wild Harvest Box.

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