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Let me be super clear: you should absolutely be using OnX Maps.

There is an out-of-state unit that I'm researching for a hunt that I would love to try to do this Fall, and I don't know what I would do if it weren't for OnX.  If you're unaware, OnX maps is a hunting app that allows you to see land-ownership data, which is incredibly helpful to have on your smartphone when you're navigating public/private boundaries and looking for pockets to hunt that you otherwise would have driven right past.

The slickest part of the whole system is you can download the map data, and go to "offline mode" so even when you have no cell service, your GPS still works, and you can see your little blue dot on your map even when you haven't had cell reception for days.

Use OnX Maps Promo Code: RANDY to save 20% on the purchase of their app... which applies to either a single state, or the entire country.

This is especially paramount when you consider the hunt I'm currently planning... there are two tags for this hunt:

A. The entire unit (my draw odds are like 12%)

B. An area within 2 miles of a specific river, and south of a specific road. (my draw odds are 100%)

With OnX Maps, I was able to measure on the map exactly what 2 miles looked like, and draw a shape that would outline the area that applied to that tag.  I could also draw another shape extending South of the specific road, and extending all the way to the edge of the hunting unit.  With those two shapes drawn, I can narrow the search to public lands that fall within those zones.  This will help me make a more informed decision if I am even barking up the right tree, or if I should shift my focus to a different unit.

When pre-season scouting comes along, the value of the map goes through the roof, but we'll save that for later in the year as the season approaches.

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