September 2019 Quail Club (Costa Mesa)

Posted by Dave Allee on

September’s #wildfishwildgame dinner is at wrap here in Costa Mesa.  Fortunately for all of us, this month's dinner just happened to take place 3 days after the recreational lobster season opener here in California and several of the dudes in the club were exceptionally generous with their time and lobsters.  The contributions were plentiful.  Last night we were treated to:

  • an abundance of fresh California spiny lobster
  • a bison brisket
  • lobster rolls (recipe available here)
  • ceviche
  • home-made Cole slaw
  • home-made biscuits
  • home made tortillas
  • quinoa
  • broccoli
  • grilled zucchini
  • fried walleye
  • beers courtesy of @latitude33brew 

Not to mention, a whole bunch of great friends, new and old.  We discussed the results of the survey we sent out last month, which helps paint a clearer picture of how this club can best serve its members.

Based on the survey, themes we want to explore futher, and conversation topics that continually arise, we are mapping out some events for the next several months —both around the table, and beyond city limits.

Thank you guys for making this possible! And thank you to @jeffrey_allee for the photos of the evening.  We will be back November 4th with a fantastic guest speaker.

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