The Wildest Food You Can Buy

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Photo courtesy of Wild Idea Buffalo Company

Due to strict laws that date back to 1900, you can't legally buy, sell, or barter meat from wild game animals.

These laws, known as the Lacey Act, were put in place to end the market hunting industry which had decimated many of the prolific game populations of the United States.

So, if you want to eat wild-harvested deer, elk, pronghorn, bear, moose, or duck... there are only two ways to get your hands on it:

1. Become a hunter.

2. Get invited over to dinner at a friend's house, who is a hunter.

For those of you who have attended our Wild Fish & Game Dinners over the last several years, know that you have been privileged to eat all sorts of wild-caught foods... that have been generously brought to the table to be shared amongst friends.  The list of incredible dishes we've shared is too long to recount here.

But, if you can't buy wild game meat, and our dinners only happen 4 times a year, are we stuck eating the same, typical American diet of beef, chicken, pork, and bread the other 361 nights per year?

Far from it.

Our aim with the Wild Harvest Box, is to help you discover all the incredible foods that are available to you.  Raised in the wild (or in a controlled environment meant to replicate the wild), and available seasonally for your enjoyment and delight.

Among the early selections for the launch of the Wild Harvest Box in Spring of 2023 are:

  • Wild-harvested, invasive Axis Deer from Maui
  • Regeneratively-Raised, field-harvested Bison from the Great Plains
  • Wild Caught Canned Tuna Filets (not the canned tuna of your childhood).
  • Wild-Foraged Berries and Mushrooms from the Rocky Mountains and beyond.
  • Manoomin "Wild Rice" from the lakes of Northern Minnesota. 
  • and more...

Get on the wait list for when the full announcement comes (February 2023) because we're working hard to make this an impactful part of your yearly rhythm.

And learn more about some of the incredible regenerative practices that are being employed to improve our food sourcing system.


Wait a minute, I've seen elk meat for sale and elk burgers on restaurant menus...

Any elk meat you see commercially available is either from an elk farm, raised in a high-fence elk operation or imported from another country, oftentimes New Zealand. 

How can you sell wild-harvested Axis Deer?

Check out Maui Nui Venison for more info, but they have a unique program they have established with the USDA—involving field-harvesting invasive deer on Maui, with a USDA inspector present during the process.

Are bison wild?

While there are still wild bison herds in various parts of the US, a vast majority are privately owned and managed.  One of our favorite bison ranching operations is Wild Idea Buffalo company, their entire operation is based on improving the quality of the landscape on the Great Plains. 

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