Why A Club?

Posted by Dave Allee on

As we look ahead to 2020 we are excited about what we can create, not simply from a digital output standpoint, but from in the form of interpersonal connection.

The prevalence of great media sources nearly defines the human experience in 2019-2020.  From YouTube to Podcasts to Netflix and Instagram, digital content that covers any and all subjects is abundant.  Hunting is no different—there are tremendous digital resources on all types of hunting and fishing—whether you are a greenhorn beginner or a lifelong outdoorsman.

Individually, we have benefited tremendously from the resources that exist.  Voices like Steven Rinella, Hank Shaw, Randy Newberg, and Remi Warren (to name a few) have shaped much of my personal confidence and knowledge in the field over the last half-dozen years.

As a Wild Fish & Wild Game Club, the experience we are crafting is centered around common experiences and the pursuit of shared success afield—drawing from the best of the wisdom that exists online and putting it into practice together.  We're doing this because we believe by doing it together it will dramatically shorten individual learning curves, it will increase the likelihood that we stick with these practices, and it's a heck of a good time.

Each month, we gather for a shared meal.  The only requirement is that you bring something to share.  The general theme has been, and will continue to be, wild fish and wild game—and opportunity to generously share the spoils of hard days on the water and in the field with friends.  But we aim to make a meal not an assorted meat platter, which means beer, tortillas, grilled vegetables, homemade bread, and side dishes of all forms are every bit as valued as any fish or bird.

The dinner is a venue where friendships and plans have room to grow.  The real work of conservation, education, and shared experience happens outside—beyond city limits—on a stream, in the sea, or in the fields and forests.

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