Plan A Mid-Winter's Picnic

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Feeling a bit too stir-crazy indoors? 

Sometimes you just need to get outside—probably more often than many of us actually do.

Plan a mid-Winter's picnic.

The Salmon Chowder from Thunder's Catch is entirely shelf stable. Meaning you can store it in your pantry like a can of soup until you're ready to use it.

But unlike a can of soup, you can warm it up right in the pouch it comes in. The salmon chowder is creamy, rich, and delightful... perfect for enjoying on a cold day.


  • 1 pouch of Thunder's Catch Salmon Chowder
  • 1 small camping pot
  • 1 camping stove
  • Some water or melted snow for the pot
  • Don't forget your spoon at home.


  1. Warm your salmon chowder in a pot of water over your burner.
  2. Once the chowder reached the desired temperature, enjoy directly from the pouch with a spoon or transfer to a mug/bowl for easier enjoyment. 

Photos courtesy of: Thunder's Catch Salmon

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