Wild Fish and Wild Game Club

There is something immensely meaningful about working hard to procure something for the table, then turning around to share it with friends. It breeds a  connectedness with the natural world and each other, which is about as good as it gets on a weekday night.

Two things bring folks together like no other—the great outdoors, and a shared table—so we combined those things into a regular potluck dinner made up of primarily wild fish and wild game.

Current Chapters:

Start Your Own Wild Fish & Wild Game Dinner—we're happy to share everything we've learned along the way.

We have gotten so much enjoyment out of regularly gathering to share a feast, that we are encouraging you to do the same in your hometown.  There is something so special about throwing yourself into discomfort with the aim of extracting food off the landscape, and then there's something equally special about sharing that bounty with friends.

If you're interested in starting a dinner club in your hometown, we want to hear from you.