Conservation hinges on participation

As an organization we want to inspire and equip the next generation of passionate stewards of our wild resources.

The WW Conservation Fund is a specific small-scale project with large-scale aspirations.  A project with the exclusive aim of:

  1. Restoring and improving habitat
  2. Lowering hurdles for participation
  3. Collectively working to bring about change—both internally and on the landscape

We are going to lease or purchase a small bit of land that we can invest in and improve—offering the WW community an opportunity to work to improve the habitat and watch the changes unfold over time. 

With so many digital resources for wild game and conservation, we want a tangible project we can sink our teeth into.

Our vision is that this place will become somewhere to invite folks like you to participate in the process of procuring, preparing, and sharing together.  Everything that makes our Wild Fish & Wild Game dinners so special, done on a bigger and more memorable scale.

Think of this effort as our way of putting into practice the things we hold dear.  A percentage of all of our sales will go toward this fund. This is your invitation to partner with us in bringing the above-mentioned things to reality sooner.

Consider contributing to the Windward-Westward Conservation Fund.