Back-Country .22 Conversion Kit

Posted by Dave Allee on

Here's a little visual breakdown of how the Conversion Kits work.  We have a version designed for the Crickett .22LR or Savage Rascal. Be certain you select the correct action when you check out, the inletting is 100% unique to each version.

This Conversion Kit takes an off the shelf youth rifle, and makes it into a handy back country survival rifle or casual target gun.

This conversion kit replaces the manufacturer's factory stock with a slimmer, break-down version that makes for more convenient packing and carrying in the back-country.  The length of pull is also more suitable for an adult, whereas the factory stocks are very small, intended for youth.

All in all, it makes for a handy, handsome piece that we hope you will enjoy safely on many future adventures.

Made in USA.

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