Westward to Alaska

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This Summer, Windward-Westward contributor and traveling photographer, Jeffrey Allee did a long road trip from Idaho through Canada, all the way to Ketchikan and eventually Homer, Alaska.  We entitled his journey Westward to Alaska.  

Along the way, he witness and photographed some of the most iconic symbols of the Northwest.  

Jeffrey had said that heading into the trip, he was hoping to see a Grizzly Bear. 

By Day 4 of his travels, he had already seen 7 grizzlies! At that point, he knew he was in for quite a special trip.

Jeff went on to see Bighorn Sheep, Orcas, Bald Eagles, Foxes, Wolves, Coastal Brown Bears, Black Bears; they caught salmon and halibut; and all-in-all had a trip he will never forget.

Below are just a few images from Westward to Alaska.
(all photos courtesy of Jeffrey Allee)

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