Having Trouble Drawing Tags?

Posted by Dave Allee on

For the second year in a row, I did not draw a tag I wanted in a unit where I would have had 100% success based on last years statistics. It’s a painful feeling being told you have to sit this year out.

That is part of the reason I wrote the Guide to Guilt-Free Hunting. With hunter participation sky-rocketing in the West, demand for tags for Elk, Pronghorn, Mule Deer, Sheep, Moose, and other iconic western trophy species has never been higher.

Rather than complaining or waiting years for a coveted tag, do a little research and learn about other opportunities that exist in your neck of the woods. Take, for example, all the invasive species that have limitless opportunity and make fine table fare.

There’s no such thing as missing drawing a tag for a whole bunch of species that are worth your time and energy.

While a trophy bull elk might not be in your freezer this year, don’t lose heart, opportunities abound.

Read the Guilt-Free Guide to dive deeper into the invasive species available to hunt this year, and every year.


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