July Quail Club Recap

Posted by Aaron Harrell on

Thank you all for coming out to June's meeting of the Wild Fish & Wild Game Club of Costa Mesa

We had some amazing dishes and even better stories that went with them!

The theme was slow cooked meats and fast tortillas, or as some like to oversimplify it, taco tuesday.

We traded out our open fire pits for the classic cast aluminium PK Grill which housed a bed of piping hot coals perfect for cooking up some fresh Sonoma style flour tortillas. If you were feeling adventurous, Chef Jesse provided some masa and a hand press for a DIY experience!

As fun as the tortilla station was, the real show stoppers lay in wait on the tables in warm dutch ovens and steam filled slow cookers. Our crew really stepped up their culinary creations this round with some of the best tasting wild game we've had to date! 

Antelope Adobada by Beaver (@seabeaverrr)
Elk Barbacoa by Alex (@thesenorblanco)

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the meal.  It is always a treat to share in bringing something hard-earned to the table. It's a process we appreciate greatly, and want to keep part of our regular rhythm of life.

That's it, that's the magic.

If you live nearby, we hope to see you at a future dinner.  If you don't we hope to encourage you to gather with the folks in your neck of the woods and do something similar.

See you soon,


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