"Leave it Better Than You Found It"

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I heard someone say recently that if you can't explain a topic in simple terms, then you don't understand the topic very well.  Which is why I really appreciated Paul's definition of regenerative agriculture: "leave it better than you found it." 

Wild Harvest Box co-founder, Farmer Paul, was recently on the Pursuit of Wellness Podcast with Mari Llewellyn

Paul is mostly known for being co-founder of PastureBirdand an outspoken supporter of food systems that emulate natural systems.

By reintegrating animals and plants together on the landscape, and allowing the animals to rotationally graze (feed, poop, move, feed, poop, move) the health of all parties increases.  The health of the soil, the flora, the fauna, and the subsequent health of the people eating the food off that land. 

Paul also explains why he thinks wild game is the closest thing to the vegan ideal of "do the least harm."

It's a tremendous interview and well-worth a listen if you're at all interested in flourishing landscapes and healthier food systems: 

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