Sagebrush Wisdom #019 | Wild Harvest Box

Posted by Dave Allee on

"One of nature's greatest gifts is the abundance of food that is growing and thriving all around us available for our nourishment". Windward Westward believes that food brings us together, but also presents an opportunity to connect to the world around us. Whether we harvest our own food, or shop at the grocery store regularly Wendell Berry says "eating is an agricultural act". In many ways, the food we choose to eat directly impacts the world around us. We have the opportunity to intentionally consume in order to give back to the world around us. 

For a long time Windward Westward has had the goal of "Deeper relationships with the natural world, richer conversations around the table" and as a result, have created a sustainably sourced food box to facilitate this lifestyle further. 

Dave Allee sits down to talk more about his vision for the box, the impact of the food industry vs direct to consumer relationships, food, community and helping to give make the world a better place, one table at a time. 

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