Sagebrush Wisdom Podcast #003: Dave Allee

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Southern California presents unique benefits and challenges when it comes to being a hunter or fisherman. 

Our good friend Matthew Rose is endlessly fascinated with the ways people weave outdoor pursuits into their lives while living here. He’s started a new podcast to dive deeper into the lives and stories of the Southern California hunters and fishermen. It’s called Sagebrush Wisdom and it’s out now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Episode #003 features an interview with yours truly, Dave Allee.  I had the opportunity to speak with Matt about making the jump from being interested in surfing to interested in hunting, and how I believe it's not much of a dramatic jump at all.  

We talked about my very memorable 2016 Pronghorn hunt in Wyoming, the ever-elusive Rocky Mountain Elk, and why we started a Wild Fish & Game Club.

If anything, spending roughly an hour talking through the origins of Windward-Westward and Quail Club was a healthy reminder for me personally, about just how important these things are; and how rich they make life. 

We've been a little quiet on the Westward front recently (having a second kid can tend to do that) but the value of regularly engaging with the outdoors (and with folks who are trying to do the same) has life-long benefits.  Big thank you to Matt for having me on.  

At the end of the podcast we announce when the next Quail Club Dinner will be.  Listen today, or bookmark it for your next 1 hr 10 min long drive.

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