We Only Care About Two Things...

Posted by Dave Allee on

I should qualify that statement by saying "as a club, we are only chasing after two things..."

1. Deeper relationships with the natural world.

It is far too easy for us to live completely disconnected from reality in our modern age—preoccupied by the frivolous things of society; forgetting the simple beauty of how the world really works. 

“An impulse, often irresistible it seems, leads a man away from civilization, from its artificial pleasures and its mechanical life, to the forests, the fields and the waters, where he may have that freedom and peace which civilization denies him.” - Sport with Gun and Rod, Alfred M. Mayer, 1883

To live in modern society is far too often to turn a blind eye to how the world really works. The impossible burger might be the best example of this.  Sold to the American consumer as a better, more ethical alternative to meat, the impossible burger is sad patty of monoculture crops and chemicals.  But with the right packaging and marketing, the general population adopts it as though food can come without any costs.

Fortunately, it seems as though the 15 minutes for faux meat has run out. (Google that if you don't believe me).

To live with a deep appreciation for the natural world is to understand that food and nourishment always come with a cost, but choosing to be a participant in that process breeds gratitude and perspective. 

I understand that we all can't live on the edge of society and regularly engage with the fully untamed, but we can pull ourselves out of our familiar routines just often enough to not completely lose sight of whence we came.

2. Richer conversations around the table.

The second point is often a direct result of the first point. Deeper relationships with the natural world very quickly segue into richer conversations around the table. 

“Adding wild food to your meals enlivens the dishes themselves as well as those who eat them. As the great forager Euell Gibbons once said, how can the talk at the table be dull when everything on the plate is a conversation piece?” -Hank Shaw

We believe that working hard to procure something for the table, and then turning around and sharing it with your friends builds community as quickly and as deeply as just about anything we can do. 

I'm amazed by the incredible folks I've met through our potluck dinners, hunting, and the like...

In an increasingly faux existence based around digital experiences and computer generated nonsense, gathering around the table is the ultimate palate cleanser. It's real, tangible, and as old as time.  To share a meal is to share in something eternal. 

If we are doing our job well, we want to foster both deeper relationships with the natural world AND richer conversations around the table... whether that's the shared table at one of our potluck dinners, or your family's table on a Thursday night or Sunday afternoon. 

Slow down, keep real things in perspective, and be perpetually thankful for the food we get to share.

If you have ideas on how we can help achieve these goals, don't be shy... we're clear about why we exist and we're wide open to collaboration.

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