Here's What to Do When Your Box Arrives...

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Your Wild Harvest Box just arrived, here's what to do next...

Make A Plan

First off, make a plan to use at least 2 of the ingredients this weekend (or early next week). The quicker you put them to use, the more likely you are to  break the normal routine and incorporate these foods into your family's menu.

For example, the pre-marinated Bison Carne Asada is a really easy place to start. Thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours, and enjoy an amazing taco night.

Or, maybe you want to do a nice dinner that features a protein, the Manoomin "wild rice, and a roasted vegetable—that format of meal prep is always a win at our house. In that case, thaw the White Sea Bass and pair it with the rice and your favorite roasted vegetable.

Get the Frozen Items in the Freezer

Of your ingredients, the following need to be stored in the freezer until you're ready to thaw them for use:

  • Bison Carne Asada
  • Ground Bison
  • White Sea Bass
  • Antioxidant Berry Blend
  • Venison Bone Broth

Store the Shelf Stable Items in the Pantry

The following items are shelf-stable and do not need to be stored in the freezer or fridge. Enjoy these items at your leisure:

  • Salmon Chowder
  • Ranger Bison Jerky
  • Wildflower Honey
  • Manoomin "Wild Rice"
  • Wild Mountain Sage

Plan A Sunday Family Dinner or Date Night

Make cooking dinner an event, and use the ingredients of your Wild Harvest Box as a starting point.

Ingredients like the Ground Bison are easy to incorporate in a number of crowd-pleasing (or date-pleasing) dishes:

The point is to slow down and enjoy the cooking process, for a change... make it a date night, or involve the whole family in a Sunday kitchen project.

If you want tips or ideas on more ways to get the most enjoyment out of your box, shoot us a note! Likewise, if you have preparations or recipes you'd like to share... send them! Change comes through a small community of folks committing to a different way of living—so share what is working for you.

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