The Right Way to Grill Sausages & Hot Dogs

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We see folks doing this wrong all the time, so we wanted to share some tips...

Whether your sausages are raw or pre-cooked, the purpose grilling is to cook them to temperature (and warm them all the way through) without bursting the casing.

The fat and spices inside the sausage or dog is what gives you the flavor, so you don't want that spilling out and burning on your grill. 

The grill marks on the outside should be plenty sufficient from just pre-heating the grates.


Preheat your grill to high heat (500F +)

Using your grill brush, scrape your grill grates clean

Reduce to medium temperature.

Always cook your hot dogs or sausages on medium-low heat or indirect heat, turning periodically.

Indirect heat works especially well when you have other items you are grilling at a hotter temp.

If you are cooking hot dogs (like the Bison Dogs from your Summer Wild Harvest Box) or pre-cooked sausages, all you are needing to do is warm them throughout.

If you are cooking raw sausages, refer to the internal temp chart below.

Recommended Internal Temperatures:

  • Beef / Pork / Bison Sausage: 160 F
  • Chicken Sausage: 165 F


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