Fall '23 Wild Harvest Box Contents:

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Our Fall seasonal Wild Harvest Box ships on September 18th.

If you want to be surprised when you open it, stop reading now.

If you prefer to get a sneak peak, here is what is coming your way...

This season, we're very proud to offer:

  • Pasture-Raised Bison Carne Asada 
  • Pasture-Raised Bison (Ground)
  • Wild Caught White Sea Bass 
  • Wild Caught Salmon Chowder (you're welcome)
  • Wild Foraged Antioxidant Berry Blend
  • Maui Nui Venison Bone Broth
  • Wildflower Honey
  • Manoomin "Wild Rice" (a favorite)
  • Wild Mountain Sage (make this breakfast sausage)
  • A free sample of Ranger Bison Jerky

Join us in reclaiming the wildest food you can buy without adopting a full-time subsistence lifestyle.

Order your Wild Harvest Box today.

Photo courtesy of Thunder's Catch

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